Sunday, March 4, 2012


Photo editing is not a pleasant thing for most people, including me ... Because the applications that I use is the application that I had never learned, hehehe ....
But I never discouraged to look for the easiest way to edit photos, and downloading it for free. Once upon a time I tried the application's Picjoke.Net. This application is named PhotoFunia. Initially I was confused what I should do, but because there are a lot of frames, then I tried to click. And the results are quite interesting. Then I save edits photofunia and present to my facebook page. Yes, it is not difficult and it is easy for me to use. Wide variety photofunia effects are present every day, so do not let you not try a free photo effects.
Here is a photo I've ever edited using photo funia .. Check it out ...

Funny Pictures
Funny Pictures

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