Saturday, May 14, 2011

4 Leaf Green For Anemia Prevention

Green For Anemia Prevention
Anemia caused by deficiency of red blood cells, which causes the circulation of oxygen to brain and other organ not smoothly. Due to the perceived body is often a headache, difficulty concentrating, face looked pale and tired.

According to research, the content of iron in green vegetables can increase the production of red blood cells or hemoglobin (Hb). Of the many green vegetables, there are some that are traditionally used as a remedy to overcome the lack of blood.

The types of vegetables or herbs are as follows as quoted by the Nigerian Tribune, Monday (04/04/2011).

1. Guava Leaf
Guava guava or benefits not only lies in the fruit that can enhance platelet cells in patients with dengue fever beradarah. The leaves also influence the formation of blood cells, particularly hemoglobin in patients with less blood.

In the tradition of African people, guava leaf decoction drunk to overcome anemia. Research at the University of Calabar prove that the effect on hemoglobin increased significantly and no side effects on the kidney.

2. Sweet potato leaves
In a study published in the Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Research in 2007 revealed, sweet potato leaf extract could increase the activity of the organs involved in the formation of red blood cells, among others, liver and bone marrow.

3. Leaves grass goat
Babadotan (Ageratum Conyzoides) or also known as goat grass (Billy-goat weed) are easily found anywhere, including in the yard. Plant white flowering kind of grass is actually including weeds or plant pests for farmers.

Because it contains antibacterial compounds, residents often use it to treat wounds. In addition, a study in Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences, proving its leaves are rich in iron so that its extract can treat anemia.

4. Pumpkin leaves
Various studies have shown pumpkin leaf extract is effective to increase the regeneration of hemoglobin in a way to stabilize blood cell membranes. In limited clinical trials in 30 pregnant women in rural areas in Africa, tersbeut extract can significantly increase levels of iron when given together with eggs and milk 3 times / day for 7 days.

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