Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Healing Wounds with Honey and Vinegar

Healing Wounds with Honey
There may be no end to discuss the benefits of honey and vinegar for healthy human. Both ingredients kitchen that is very easy to find all around us in fact than can be used for various diseases in the guard to treat sores on the skin.

They are accustomed to using home remedies like using honey to heal wounds. There are several reasons for that. First, honey is smeared over the wound acts as a fence that serves to protect the wound from the outside and prevent infection.

Perhaps this is rather illogical because honey is inherent in all things is touched. If noted, the dust and so will stick on the surface of the honey and can not penetrate into the wound.

Second, honey is also relieving pain due to its nature as a natural anti-inflammatory. On the other hand, the honey also makes the wound remains moist during the healing process, but does not inhibit the process.

Vinegar did not want to miss. Of course many know apple cider vinegar? We used to call apple vinegar. Well, the apple vinegar can also heal wounds.

Like honey, apple vinegar also heal wounds by preventing the spread of bacteria in the wound. In addition, apple cider vinegar also accelerate the healing process and reduce the itching which usually arise when the wound started to heal.

So, the basic difference between apple vinegar and honey in wound healing is the honey acts as a painkiller, while the vinegar to relieve itching.

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