Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tips for Remove Sleepiness While Working

Tips for Remove Sleepiness
Sleepiness is one of disruption of work that can not be avoided. You do not want a colleague or even your boss know that you're nodding off while working the room. For that you need to know how to or tips to eliminate sleepiness on the job.

But for the affairs of sleepiness, you can not dodge. Drowsiness attack can strike anytime and very difficult to overcome. As a result, you seem so lazy. To overcome this problem, always prepare the following five things.
Walking around the office. When drowsiness began to attack, get up and walk quickly to visit friends, go to the toilet or just fill your water glass. Here the tips for remove the sleepiness:

  1. Put on your headset and play the songs that your favorite stomping. Even if you like instrumental music or lilting music, forget for a moment because all you need is repellent sleepiness.
  2. Green tea. Forget the coffee when drowsiness attack, especially if drowsiness arise after lunch. Green tea is a healthier choice than coffee and refreshing.
  3. Clean your desk. When sleepiness attack is most appropriate to clean your desk. When your table to be more neat and clean, you will also come to feel the freshness of face and your mind.
  4. For women, Fresh make-up. Dampen your face dry with a tissue or small towel, then sprinkle toner and moisturizer, cover with a thin powder and apply lip gloss. Make-up fresh for fresh faces.

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