Sunday, May 8, 2011

Combination Fruit Juice, For Healthy Heart

Fruit Juice For Healthy Heart
When asked whether the most healthful beverages, of course, the answer is fruit juice. However, any fruit juice has its own efficacy and usefulness of its kind. But recently the researchers who did the study find a combination of fruit juices are very good for our heart health.

Fruit juice concoction called this supersmoothie among others consists of 4 types of fruit that is quite popular and readily available in supermarkets everywhere. The four fruits are grapes, apples and 2 types of berries that is blueberry and stawberry.

Enhancements may sound a bit strange, among others cowberry or lingonberry, red fruit that is still closely related to cranberries. There was also a Acerola, and cherry-like fruit containing vitamin C 30 times more than oranges.

The latter mixture is also somewhat strange, that chokeberry or aronia a kind of American blackberry is touted as the world's most healthy berries. There are 3 variants of chokeberry, but used in a mixture of variants supersmoothie is black.

To obtain approximately 200 ml of juice supersmoothie, the mixture is as follows, as quoted from Dailymail, Sunday (08/05/2011).
  • 126 ml grape juice (about 30 items)
  • 20 ml blueberries (about 15 items)
  • 20 ml stawberry (about 9 points)
  • 20 ml apple (about half a point)
  • 10 ml lingonberry (about 8 cloves)
  • 8 ml Acerola (about 5 grains)
  • 8 ml chokeberry (about 5 grains).
This recipe is obtained in a study at the University of Strasbourg, which compares 13 different species of fruit juice combinations. When tested on pigs, the most effective combination supersmoothie maintain healthy arteries or veins walls.

The findings are then tested in 80 volunteers and found that the results are not much different. Giving supersmoothie juice can increase blood flow, so that it can maintain a balance of nutrients and oxygen distribution to various organs in the body.

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