Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to Add Body Weight For The Skinny Body

How to Add Body WeightMany people who have weight problems, then they asked: How to Add Body Weight for Me? which we often encounter is someone who is overweight or obese because of severe dizziness badanya not fall-down though it was on a diet. But this time we are discussing is a matter someone who is skinny and wanted to increase his weight but never gain weight. Maybe it's something wrong with the program lived:

Someone who is easy to weight gain, but there is also a difficult one to increase his weight? If you include a person who is difficult to gain weight, you should check your family. Does anyone in your family who is experiencing the same problem with you. If indeed there are in your family, then you are destined to be skinny. To add ½ kg of body weight per week, then you need an additional 500 kcal per day outside of your daily consumption.

Most people think that to put on weight then they should consume more protein in large numbers. This is wrong, because the excess protein that we consume will not be stored by the body as meat (muscle mass). To add your weight (increase your muscle mass) then you have to do is to exercise.

such as weight lifting and other weight training will make the muscle fibers increase in size. For that you need to consume extra calories while you perform these exercises, for proteins that will be used to form new muscle fibers you who did not participate were burned by the body as an energy source as long as you do the exercises / sports. So, how do I get the extra calories?

Tips to Add Body Weight with food:
Choosing a high-calorie foods and beverages following Choose foods in the diet to gain weight you: Cereal. If you make the cereal, add milk. To improve taste and appetite, you can add dried fruit, crackers, biscuits and cakes that you like. Juice / cider buah.Jika you enjoy making fresh juice, pick apples, grapes, pineapple.

These fruits have a higher calorific value than orange juice or tomato juice. Add milk to add calories from your fruit juice. Fruit, pick fruit less water content such as bananas, pineapples, dates, or dried fruits. These fruits contain more calories than oranges, watermelons, melons and fruits are high water content.
Milk. To increase the calories of liquid you drink milk, add milk powder to regular milk that you drink the liquid.

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